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R+T in Stuttgart from 19 to 23 February

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at R+T in Stuttgart,

in the largest global trade fair dedicated to systems sun protection, here presents the new Hercules and Pixel products.
The largest global trade fair dedicated to sun protection systems. Vesta awaits you to discover a world of solutions dedicated to awnings and pergolas, with the quality of the most authentic made in Italy.

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The Vesta stand elegantly and effectively presents the numerous awning and pergola solutions, from arm awnings to drop awnings, up to the pergola and finally the new Hercules which dominates the entire stand with its grandeur, and the Pixel the new drop awning.

Let's discover Vesta in the words of CEO MIRKO CISOTTO

Tell us Mirko about Vesta, how was this brand born?

The Vesta brand was created out from the acquisition by Alusistemi srl of a historic manufacturer of awning systems and accessories, known for its history of over fifty years, and for producing most of the technical solutions for awnings known on the market today. This is the origin of the Vesta brand, which identifies the production of ready-made awnings, complete with fabric and accessories.

What innovation has Alusistemi srl brought to the world of awnings?

Alusistemi srl is a company specialising in the manufacture of aluminium products. In Vesta we have brought our knowledge of this material, which is an important component in the construction of awning structures, improving the technical performance of the product in terms of both function and reliability. We have also intervened in the design and expanded the product range to be competitive in the market.

In addition to aesthetics, do you also pay a lot of attention to mechanics? Does Vesta awnings want to be a guarantee of reliability over time?

Absolutely yes, all our production is carefully tested to create a functional and reliable product. This is why we have found solutions that facilitate installation and assembly: an awning works well if it is well assembled, and this aspect is recognised by the market.

Pegaso and Hercules are the flagship products of your line. What is the secret of their success?

Pegaso is a medium-sized awning suitable for predominantly residential use; it is Vesta’s best known and most popular product, a true best seller in the market for its reliability and construction quality. Hercules is an awning with exceptional performance, unique of its kind, and reaches a projection of seven metres. It is the result of a design dating back more than forty years, but it still amazes today with its technical features that enable it to cover stalls and large spaces. For more than thirty years, a Hercules has stood in Piazza del Campo in Siena, and is only closed during the Palio. An important testimony to its presence in a place that is a symbol of Italian art and culture, as well as proof of the reliability of our production.

Among your products is the Artika pergola, an important product that makes an impact on architecture. What are its characteristics?

Artika represents an ambitious product, a pergola with a flat roof. A unique feature for a roof made of canvas. The design of Artika is linear and rigorous, aspects that are highly appreciated by architects, who are sensitive to structures with pure lines.

Vesta pays great attention to customers and also provides a service to installers. How do you follow up on the market proposition of your products?

The service and advice we offer our customers is important to us, because the ultimate goal is to assist and follow the product from its installation by our dealers to its final use.

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We follow the product from delivery and provide assistance in the installation of both large tents and pergolas directly on the construction site. Vesta is investing heavily in this field, because we are convinced that the quality of a product is directly linked to the quality of the service you are able to provide. We undertake numerous initiatives to provide increasingly efficient support to our customers.

In just a few years, Vesta has developed considerably. What are your next goals and how do you see Vesta’s future?

The awning market offers many possibilities and is growing strongly, thanks to certain factors such as climate change or the lengthening of the seasons, with or even the development of outdoor tourist activities such as restaurants and meeting places. Against this backdrop, Vesta wants to invest in the future by expanding its product range, to become an increasingly reference brand on the market with its own values: design, technology and service.

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HERCULES challenges the largest awning opening size (up to 7 metres), ideal for covering stalls and large outdoor spaces. Hercules presents the first tent solution with the luminous sign, a patented solution that makes the tent not only a protection from the sun and rain, but also an extraordinary communication tool for the commercial company that hosts it.

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PIXEL is the perfect solution for modulating the amount of light and air entering a room. This awning delicately covers your windows and ensures optimal light diffusion in the environment.

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The Vesta brochure is a way to understand the value of the brand and its production, with a complete overview of the range to appreciate their design and characteristics.

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A world of solutions, this is the theme of the video that is present inside of the stand, a video that evocatively explains the various solutions that Vesta offers on the market with style and elegance in the most authentic Italian style.